The Other Side Of Google Adsense


As you know, many people blame Google adsense for many things. And many people sing good of the same. I’m not gonna waste our time discussing what we already know. So I’ll talk about the things that I’m sure the majority isn’t aware of.

Google adsense is strict. Very strict.

I know you’d say “Tell me about it” :) Google disables hundreds of adsense accounts some weeks. There could be a wide range of valid reasons for Google to disconnect an adsense account but we are not gonna talk about those now. We are only gonna discuss about the main root cause that underpins all these strict regulations.

That is Google wants to protect its buyers, the individuals or organizations that pay Google to place ads on our sites. So what’s the benefit we get when Google protect its advertisers?

Google protect advertisers -> Adsense become more trustworthy for advertisers -> They advertise more -> Quality web sites get more money !

Yes Google’s very strict policies assure its advertisers that their money is not wasted. So they obviously feel free to spend more money on advertising with Google adsense. This means the Google adsense budget get more revenue a large part of which is allocated to pay the web sites like us who publish adsense ads.

This is why Google can pay significantly better rates than any other similar company. If you ever thought Google pay more because Google is rich then it’s wrong. If Google pay its own money then adsense would not produce any profit for Google.

One more good thing about adsense is the power of its owner, the Google corporation. This giant has access to all high tech hardware, software and specialized brain power (Mathematicians, Scientists, etc…). The Google adsense algorithms are very powerful compared to any other ad network and they keep improving every day.

While algorithms created by those smart people behind the scenes are criticized for capturing and disabling low quality web sites it’s the same people who create great algorithms so that your web site will display only the relevant advertisements so that your viewers would actually feel to click on them.

So while there are thousands of people trying to beat the adsense algorithm, my advice for you is to shake hands with the giant and start cooperating with it. You will get great long-term rewards. I know it takes time but it’s worth it. I’m telling you by experience because no other company pays you like adsense and if you disappoint Google algorithms about your web site, it will be really difficult to win their trust again because Google will never jeopardize its relationships with advertisers.

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