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I have been working hard for about 10 days to submit details about the “Very simple budget and expense manager” (damn it’s a long product name ;) ) on as many website as possible.

It’s difficult to find websites that actually allow you to submit your products free but there are still many of them. They are just hidden under a pile of other sites. Had to Google a lot.

The most common problem is most sites are (apparently) getting a lot of requests and they cannot risk to publish products without reviewing due to virus and other security issues.

So it takes a very long time for many sites to review and publish the product after you submit it.

Well I am happy I have submitted my product so it’s already in the queue in many sites!

I hope this would increase exposure and hopefully start bringing in some sales.

Would you agree? Please comment.



May 17th, 2013 | Tags:


My licence database showed me the first trial version record today (12/05/2013)!!!

I have been logging in everyday to check the records just to see an empty table till today. What happy feeling to see this record!


The second download! Fantastic!!!

Do you know tips about increasing the exposure of a new product like mine? Please comment if you are happy to share your knowledge.

Thanks in advance!



May 17th, 2013 | Tags: ,


(I am writing this a little later – this approval actually took place about 10 days ago)

I uploaded the Very Simple Budget and Expense Manager to Cnet downloads hoping to give it a kick start.

It took about a week but finally we got the approval from Cnet!!!

You can give it a check at cnet link

It has been downloaded 4 times so far!

Hope this goes well… Well, No that’s wrong, Let’s make this go well!!!

I know this is just a post where someone narrating about what he’s doing but if there’s anything that interrests you or if you have advice then please feel free to comment!




The site is ready now. The product (installer) and th euser manual is ready to download.

The main site is up but not ready to perform yet!



April 26th, 2013 | Tags:


Since our main web site is taking a bit longer than anticipated, I have prepared a temporary web site for now.

The main page is ready now. Just need to include the trial version and read me download.

1 day overdue from the target :(

Had to prepare for an interview yesterday.



I was going to create a temporary web site for the product until my brother finishes the work on main website.

When I was thinking about a name for the sub domain it suddenly struck me that the current name only has the word “Expense” on it.

Even though it could manage expenses the product can do tons of other stuff.

Anyway I did a quick search on Google and found out I was thinking right. Most of the results showed up for “Simple Expense Manager” could only manage expenses.

This could mean that the targeted audience for this product could be easily mislead by this name.

So a quick name change is required. It has to be quick I don’t want to get into infinite modifications syndrome that many software development mangers have and suffer badly during releases :)

I also thought about the audience and it appeared to me that the name must be simple and must communicate best.

Therefore I decided that the new name would be “Very Simple Budget And Expense Manger” I know it’s a sentence rather :)

Anyway, I wont waste any more time on this. Quickly updated the “About” dialog box and the title of the main window. Will change the help file later.


Feel free to comment if you find anything interesting; your support is highly appreciated!


Yesterday I was working on the help file and just completed it a moment ago.

While trying to describe features in the system I realised how simple the Simple Expense Manager and how important it is for users to learn the system.

Great achievement:

Almost every task in the system would take 3 or more steps. The only exception is the budget manager which is still very simple with just 6 steps.

This lead for the answer for the long waited question – a slogan for the product.

I think it should be “Simple as ABC, Reliable as 123″ :)

Back to target:

The target is to launch the product before tomorrow (25/04/2013)! Back to work!

Feel free to comment if you find anything interesting; your support is highly appreciated!



The product is ready to use, it has all the features working fine.

The thing is I just can’t make my mind to call it “complete” my mind keep bringing me new ideas and concerns.

For example, my mind keeps telling me “what if someone find a loop-hole in the licencing system?”, etc… :)

This has to stop. So, The plan:

  1. Create a help file
  2. Create a setup (installer)
  3. Run and test a trial
  4. RELEASE!!!

ETA – 3 days… (Target 25/04/2013)

Feel free to comment if you find anything interesting; your support is highly appreciated!



In the simplest explanation, Hedging means taking steps to reduce the risk of losing in a trade. This way, even if things go in the opposite direction to what you predicted, you will still be protected or will lose less.

Read this article or google if you are new to the word.

In Fx trading, you can hedge the risk of your trade by opening a trade in the opposite direction. Therefore, if you start to lose from the trade you opened you will automatically start to profit from the hedging trade you opened in the opposite direction.

Lets consider an example:

You think the market for ABC/XYZ is going down so decide to sell ABC/XYZ.

Let’s consider two possible scenarios with and without hedging.

Original trade – Sell ABC/XYZ Pair At The Rate Of 1.1234

Hedging trade – Buy ABC/XYZ Pair At The Rate Of 1.1234

Scenario 1:

The market behaves opposite to what you speculated (predicted) and goes up making you a loss.

Let’s see how you will lose with and without hedging:

heging demo - scenario 1

So, with hedging you have managed to eliminate your loss. Don’t jump into conclusions till we consider the second scenario.


Scenario 2:

The market behaves as you speculated (predicted) and goes down making you a profit.

Let’s see how you will lose with and without hedging:

heging demo - scenario 1

As you can see hedging has justified your profit just like it did for your loss.

So this is not the best way if you are into making money. The above mentioned strategy is the Risk-Eliminating strategy which eliminates your risk of losing money. But in real world this is not very useful.

The Risk Reducing Strategy

This is the interesting part of hedging. This is where we use hedging to minimize our risks and use it to make us more profits under best case scenario (where everything goes as we predicted) and less profits otherwise.

How to do this?

Instead of blindly creating an equally opposite hedge trade, we consider market trends and optimize the hedge trade by changing the size, start position, Take Profit and Stop Loss limits. Perfectly conducted, this method can double or triple you profit and can make more money in a situation where you could have actually lost if you did not use hedging.

Lets consider an example:

During early days of May, 2012 Euro zone has been having big problems due to financial instability of Greece, Spain and some other countries. As a result the Euro has been losing its value continuously.

This could sound like a great opportunity to make money by selling EUR/USD but how can you say that the Euro will continue to drop? When will it stop? What if it turns back suddenly?

This is a perfect place to occupy your hedging skills.

I will explain the strategy I used as an example:

Lets assume the current value for EUR/USD is 1.2690

  • The continuous fall of the pair indicates to me that this should fall more before things reverse. But I have no idea how far this fall will continue.
  • Eevn though EUR/USD is going down at the moment, it is a universal priciple that any market should settle over time. So The chances are very high that at a particular time the market will reverse and head back up.
  • Considering above two facts, I can come to following openion:
  • The market has a probability to fall even further down and it is almost definite that big-heads in Eurozone will do everything they can to settle their issues so the market will slow down and return at some point.
  • In other words Fall of rate is short term and less probable and the Rise of it is long term and Highly probable.
  • Considering these factors I assign a weight to these movements. The fall will have a probability of about 30% and the Rise back is 70% probable.
  • Therefore I will invest 30% of the amount I wish to invest on the downward movement and 70% on the upward.
  • So I will be making two trades one hoping the rate would fall and another to cover the rise.

When to open these trades?

The Sell Position

Since the current market movement is downwards, I’d open the Sell position at the current rate (1.2690)

Assume I decide to invest 30 dollars for the Sell (Falling) position and 70 for the Buy (Returning) Position

As the fall could be reversed and any time, I’d use a short take profit limit (about 20%) so I will have more chance to make some money before the rate reverse. If the rate seem to be dropping even more then I’d adjust the TP limit later.

I will set the the stop loss to as much as I have invested on the selling position so if the market return before reaching my take profit, The maximum I will lose will be the amount I invested for the Sell position (30 dollars).

Following are the Limits for the Sell Position:

Opening Rate : 1.2690

The Take Profit Rate : 1.2670

Stop Loss Rate : 1.2790


The Buy Position

As the market is going down at the moment it will be a waste to open the Buy position at the same rate as the Sell position. Instead I will place an order to Buy EUR/USD at the rate of 1.2710 so if the market returns and pass this mark this trade will start to hedge my losses of the Sell Position.

Since I am investing more on the buy position, I will get wider range for this trade. So I will be able to get a stop loss value with will be way below the Take Profit value of my sell position and a value that I am confident will not be reached by the current fall.

My Take profit for the Buy position will be a high rate (about 50%) because I am confident the market will return to its original values sooner or later.

So the Limits for the Buy Position:

Opening Rate: 1.2710

Take Profit Rate : 1.3000

Stop Loss: 1.2400

Following diagram illustrates my two positions:


Now let’s consider several scenarios that could happen:

Scenario 1 Best case scenario

The rate will continue to fall and turns back at 1.2500 and over a week reaches 1.300


I will earn the profit from the sell position at 1.2670 and will earn from the buy position at 1.3000 this will make a significant profit overall :)

Scenario 2 Not the best scenario

The fall returns before reaching the take profit of the sell position and goes above its Stop loss making a loss of 30 dollars. However, this movement will also make a profit from the Buy position. Since I invested more on the buy position, my profit will be greater than my loss making an overall profit :)

Scenario 3 A bad scenario

The market falls below the take profit of the sell position making me some money and continues to fall unexpectedly even below the Stop loss limit of the But position. Even though this would make me a profit from the sell, the loss made for me from the Buy position will be greater because I have invested more on the buy position. This will be an overall loss :( but still the loss is hedged (minimized) by the profit I made from the sell position.

Scenario 4 The Worst Case Scenario

The market turns around unexpectedly and goes above stop loss level of the selling position but returns to fall back before reaching the Take profit of the buy position. then continues to fall below the stop loss of the buy position. This will make the worst loss from two trades :(

In A Nutshell

As you can see hedging can be used effectively to increase your profits and reduce your losses. The key is creating a strategy that will not go in the worst possible path. This is not very difficult when you consider news and graphs. Because by looking at previous data you can decide more stable stop-loss levels that are not easily breached.

Please comment.



Many think foreign exchange trading is fast way to become rich. This is absolutely wrong. You are not gonna make millions or even thousands of money even if you are extremely lucky because forex trading is not a lottery draw. There are so many factors that dominate how much money you can make. Without wasting time, let me tell you this again, Forex is not a money pool.

Again, we can make some money because we are smart But not in great amounts like many liars around the Internet says. So if you need advice to make millions on forex trading, then LEAVE…

OK, now it’s just smart us in here. so let me explain how I make reasonable money from forex trading.

Forex trading is not the easiest thing because you need good knowledge in the subject and learn the jargon. Otherwise everything will sound like Greek like it did for me. If you are a beginner, then I won’t be much helpful as I am not teaching Forex trading here. I’d recommend this is where I learned my basics.


There are several rules of thumb you need to tattoo into your hand so you will not forget.

1) Forex Trading is Not Gambling

Don’t fall into this. Forex world is weird.  Once you enter this market all you see is a huge mess of information: forecasts, reports, analysis, crazy graphs, news and so on… What this can lead to is, for example, you read a convincing report that says USD is rising like hell then you check your graphs and say to yourself, “bloody hell, it is moving, let me make money on this …”

… this is gambling, this is very fast phased for our brain to capture the hidden catches of the market. You will always endup realizing your mistake after placing the order and when it’s too late…

So take a deep breath, let the fast world go faster and let your smart brain work and give it a good flow of Oxygen.

2) Do Not React to News

It’s absolutely true that Forex market is very sensitive to news and does move according to what happens in the world. But this is too risky for many reasons.

The main reason is that it’s not just you and me who are staring at forex news sites, we are just two of millions across the globe. So what happens when a news is released is that most of these guys react so thousands click on those “Buy” and “Sell” buttons at the same second you do it. The market receives a huge number of Buy Or Sell requests which can reverse the actual move you expect as a result of the news.

In addition, most web sites get thousands of requests at a split second which delay their server response time (time taken by the web site to process your Buy/Sell transaction) and as mentioned in the above paragraph, the market moves rapidly during these seconds. So by the time the web site server gets to process your Buy or Sell command the actual market value could be (and most of the time Will Be) much much worse than the value you saw just before you click.

You are not guaranteed by the web sites to give you the figure you saw in the screen. In fact, this is called the slippage and  almost all forex trading sites (brokers) clearly mention this in their terms and conditions so that you cannot sue them.

3) Try to Understand General Market Movements

Instead of reacting to news releases, try to analyse market movements. This way you can figure what the market would do during the next couple of hours or couple of days and make proactive decisions. The best thing is only a small proportion of forex traders do this and this is not something that happened within seconds so you don’t have to worry about all slippage and other time related issues.

There are many very basic economic theories that act on any market so when you enter the forex market armed with the relevant knowledge you have the edge over many thousands of traders.

4) Target to Make Many Small Amounts Than One Big Amount

Always focus on market movements you are more sure (you can never be 100% sure but the knowledge you gain can help you to reach closer) about and make more of them. The fact is that you cannot make thousands of dollars by following certain movements but on the other hand you minimize your risk of losing money.

5) Never Follow Anyone’s Opinion About Any Market Movement

First, don’t disrespect yourself by following other people’s comments about expected market movements. Secondly, Most of the time people who announce these predictions are simply relying on someone else. So never let anyone’s thought about a market movement affect your decisions regarding an order or a purchase. Always refer to the trust worthy resources (like reports, analysis, etc) to learn about an economy but never learn market movement from someone else. Only let anyone or any material assist you in the process.

Always respect your brain and feed it with enough knowledge and information so that it can make correct decisions. Every time you follow someone else’s decisions, you damage your confidence.

Thanks for reading and please leave your comment!

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